At Batz Corporation, we maintain an international alliance with companies across Asia, Europe, and the United States. Through this partnership, we attain insight into the latest innovations regarding product design, manufacturing, and quality control, enabling us to develop and deliver superior products that allow us to retain our competitive edge in the marketplace.

Since our establishment in the United States in 1975, we have expanded our product offerings to include over 2,000 metal snap hardware products, such as key accessories, hardware displays, and bird-related parts.

Our Specialty Product Offerings

We produce a wide range of specialty hardware products, including:

Key Accessories


Our aluminum key clips are available in a variety of custom designs, shapes, and colors to suit varying functional, aesthetic, or brand requirements. Many of the variations also feature additional elements, such as bottle openers, whistles, or pill tubes.

The key accessory design options we offer include:

  • Round, square, or weld O-ring eyes
  • Rigid or swivel shafts
  • Bolt, spring, eye rein, quick, boat, panic, or trigger snaps

Hardware Displays


Our hardware displays make merchandizing products easy. They include hanging hooks for each item to facilitate organization and graphic representations of each item with printed labeling and sizing to help customers identify individual products. The inclusion of printed catalog numbers on the display also facilitates ordering when stock runs out or low.

The hardware displays we stock include:

  • Zinc diecast displays for snap hooks and connectors
  • Solid brass displays for snap hooks and connectors
  • Steel displays for chain and cable connectors
  • Bronze displays for pulleys

Bird Toys and Cage Hardware


With over 2,000 items in our catalog, we have products to suit the hardware needs of virtually every customer, including those of bird enthusiasts. At Batz Corporation, we are Batz for birds! Our selection of bird-related products and accessories include:

  • Hardware for hanging and securing cages and toys, such as chains, O-rings, key rings, quick links, wire snaps, and wires
  • Toys, such as bells, tags, pacifiers, shapes, keys, and beads

These items come in a variety of materials, including acrylic, plastic, steel, stainless steel, zinc, and wood.

Our Value-Added Services

In addition to our product manufacturing and supply capabilities, we offer in-house customization and testing to ensure customers are fully satisfied with the products they receive. Our laser engraving and poly drop services allow customers to add their company logos, contact information, or other private label branding. Our tensile strength testing services ensure that the products that customers purchase suit their intended purposes.

Quality Hardware Products From an Experienced Manufacturer

When you need quality hardware products at competitive prices, come to Batz Corporation. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of metal snap hardware, we have you covered whether you’re looking for key accessories or bird toys.

To learn more about our key accessories, hardware displays, and other specialty hardware products, visit our product catalog or request a quote.