At Batz Corp., we now offer over 2,000 quality items to meet your specific needs.

We specialize in the manufacture of hardware including bolts, b chains, clamps, clips, collars, connectors, rope handling equipment, latches, nameplates and more. These products and competitive pricing make Batz Corporation your snap hardware solution.

With our customers in mind, we developed these current specials from our stock of hardware products:

9481Z Concave Center Bar Buckles

In steel material with a nickel plated finish

 7ST Unwelded O-Rings

In steel material with a nickel plated finish

660ST Lap Link Chain Connectors

In steel material with a brass polished finish

263ST Zinc Plated Screw Eye Bolts

Eye bolt with steel material. Eye size of 3 mm. Offered in 11 inch or 13 inch overall length.

260M Wire Rope Clamps

Wire rope clamp in malleable iron. With overall length of 3/4 inch.

990ST Rigid Square Eye Spring Snap Hooks

Brass polished finish rigid square eye spring snap. Overall length of 1-1/8 inch. Also offered in nickel plated finish.

3250ST Welded Dee Rings

Nickel plated finish welded dee ring with steel material and a material thickness of up to 2.2 mm.

Link Welded Chains

Chains offered in 3 link, 7 link or 9 link variations. These chains are of steel material, feature a zinc plated finish and are welded.

1046ST Suspender Clips

Part of our specialty products and hardware displays, the suspender clips are made of steel material and feature a nickel plated finish.

 S36 Shaft Locking Pins

The S36 shaft locking pins are offered in black color with steel material and a material thickness of 5/16 inch.