Batz Corporation is part of an International Association of companies operating production facilities, offices, and warehouses across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

    Our Engineers specialize in pattern and mold design, foundry support and metallurgy. As a leader in hardware designs, we offer support in product development, manufacturing, and innovation. Our highly specialized staff ensures that we maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. As part of our superior customer support, we offer a number of specialty services to enhance the visibility and marketability of the products for our customers.

    The following Services are available:

    Laser EngravingEngraving & Testing Services

    Batz Corporation offers in house laser engraving to enhance our customers’ brand recognition, promotion, and advertising. This customization is a unique feature giving our customers an advantage over their competitors. A variety of our products are perfect to engrave with your company logo including our line of side release buckles, specialty buckles, carabiners, and key chains. Engraving offers an ideal solution for personalization, promotion and marketing!

    Laser Engraving Advantages

    • Enhance corporate and brand identity
    • Improve fund raising and booster club promotions and team souvenirs
    • Provides inexpensive advertising
    • Great for personalizing gift items

    Tensile Strength TestingTensile Strength Testing

    Batz Corporation offers in-house tensile strength testing to ensure that the products we offer will meet the requirements of our customers.
    The testing procedure includes force and deflection testing recording the exact measurements throughout the procedure and provides exact data on a variety of tensile strength values.

    A testing certification will be created where all the collected data is listed such as part number, date, breaking load and other values.
    Batz Corporation provides the service described above for a minimal fee.

    Tensile Strength Testing Advantages

    • Ensures product quality and performance capacity
    • Identifies properties of various alloys and suitability for specific applications
    • Improves customer service by properly matching hardware specifications
    • Enhance product trust by providing testing certification documentation

    Contact us to learn more about the engraving and testing solutions provided by Batz Corporation or request a quote from one of our experts.