With more than 40 years of experience in our Industry, Batz Corporation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality hardware items.

Our product lines include more than 2,000 products for a wide range of industries. Batz Corporation is part of an international association of companies with facilities throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States, which allows us to manufacture and distribute high quality and innovative products with the greatest efficiency and economy. We focus on product development and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to ensure that we remain competitive in a growing and changing world market.

Batz Corporation provides a variety of products to meet your every need. Our customizable products are made of the highest quality materials, with innovative designs that are second to none. We offer Hardware in a variety of categories, including:



Our buckle products include a wide range of buckle styles for everything from our side release buckle, halter buckles, blanket buckles to center bar buckles. Whatever your buckle needs, you are guaranteed to find the perfect design.

D-Rings, O-Rings, Slides, and Loops

D-Rings, O-Rings, Slides, Loops

Our D-rings, O-rings, slides, and loops are excellent for securing ropes and straps for everything from horse halters to boat rigging. With a variety of shapes and sizes, our rings, slides, and loops are composed of high-quality materials to ensure sturdy and reliable support.

Snap Hooks and Quick Links

Snap Hooks, Quick Links

Snap hooks and quick links offer an easy fastening solution. They allow you to connect and disconnect lines, ropes, and straps without complication. Snap hooks work especially well for animal leads and leashes, as they can be attached and detached quickly with minimal effort. Quick links offer a fast and simple option to secure chains and ropes.

Pulleys, Rope, and Cable Accessories

Pulleys, Rope & Cable

We carry an extensive line of Pulleys, rope and cable accessories. Be sure to check the weight limit s and material requirements to ensure the selection of the best pulley set up for your project.


Eye Bolts, S-Hooks, and Screw Eyes

Eye Bolts, S-Hooks

Our eye bolts, S-hooks, and screw eyes are precision-manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes for use in hanging or securing items.

Chain and Pet Supply

Chain, Pet Supply

Our chain and pet supply products include a wide variety of hardware that can be used to safely secure pets. We offer a broad range of pet products, including chains, lead chains, choke chains and tie out stakes.

Saddlery and Tack and Halter Squares

Saddlery, Tack Halter Square

For your equestrian needs, we offer a range of saddlery, barn and tack hardware. Our Inventory includes locking pins, leather punches, curry combs, and bucket hooks. Our halter squares come in two- and three-slot designs and a variety of sizes, metals and shapes to ensure we have the best halter square for your needs.

Specialty Products & Hardware Displays


Our specialty product line includes an assortment of specialty metal products that fit outside our other product categories. Here you will find name plates, hoof picks, light hammock chains, and much more. We also offer hardware displays for use in retail establishments.

Bird Toy Accessories and Bells

Bird Toy

We are pleased to offer a number of specialized products for pet birds. Our collection of bird toy accessories includes bells, bright colored beads, chains and a variety of rings, squares and circles for bird toy manufacturing.