Our Side Release Buckle Products

Our patented side release buckles are available in all-aluminum, zinc diecast, plastic and half aluminum/half plastic. While all of our metal buckles provide superior performance when compared to plastic buckles, each buckle offers its own distinct advantages.

They feature a stylish, straight or contoured design and are available in various sizes. All of our side release buckles are perfectly suited for laser engraving to enhance promotion and marketing.

All Aluminum

ALU-MAX® 4001A All Aluminum Side-Release Buckles

Our ALU-MAX® side release buckles are composed of aluminum with a stainless-steel pin and spring. This highly durable product has a break strength of up to 500 pounds and is suitable for use in subzero temperatures.

These buckles come in both standard and adjustable variations and are available in a variety of finishes, including:

  • Black
  • Matte black
  • High polished nickel
  • Satin nickel
  • Custom finishes

Zinc Diecast

Zinc Die-Cast All Metal Contoured Side-Release Buckles

This all metal side release buckle consist of zinc diecast construction with a stainless-steel pin and spring.

With up to 500 pounds of tensile strength, these buckles are twice as strong as the majority of plastic buckles available today.

The following finishes are available:

  • Antique brass
  • Black nickel
  • Black powder coat
  • Gun metal
  • High polished brass
  • High polished nickel
  • Satin nickel
  • Shot blast nickel
  • Custom finishes (upon customer request)

Full Plastic Side Release Buckles

Plastic Buckles

Our full Plastic side release buckles are available in black Delrin® or Polypropylene offering an economical alternative to the metal buckle.

This specific product is available in various sizes ranging from 3/8 to 2 inches.

Half Aluminum/Half Plastic

ALU-FLEX® 5002A Half Aluminum Half Plastic Adjustable Side-Release Buckles

Our ALU-FLEX® adjustable side release buckles feature half aluminum, half plastic construction. This lightweight design offers tensile strengths up to 250 pounds, making it a stronger option than many of the standard plastic side release buckles on the market today.

They are available in 5/8 and 1 inch sizes and with black, nickel, and satin finishes.

Applications of Side Release Buckles

Side release buckles find use in several different industrial applications, including as part of:

  • Marine equipment
  • Luggage, handbags, and backpacks
  • Pet accessories and supplies
  • Equestrian equipment

To learn more about our patented side release buckles and other snap hardware products, visit our product catalog or request a quote.